Youth Programs

The mission of the WingHaven Junior Golf Program is to provide a healthy, competitive program enabling our members’ children to grow both physically and mentally. We shall provide them with proper guidance and instruction so they may develop knowledge of the game of golf, a sense of appreciation for the tradition of the game and an understanding of its etiquette.

Our goal is to give them the opportunity to compete and test themselves while developing golf and life skills. The program will help each young player develop a passion for the game while making friendships for a lifetime.

 The Junior Golf Programs are open to children/grandchildren of any member of WingHaven Country Club. A Junior Golfer must be between the ages of 3 and 18, having not yet attended college. The child/grandchild must be 6 years of age by June 1 to attend any program other than Little Spikes. Age requirements for the PGA Junior League teams will vary depending on the program.

The Summer Junior Golf Program is divided into a  Developmental Division 3 Hole, 5 Hole Blue (Short), 5 Hole Gold (Long), and 5 Hole Yellow (Extra Long) along with a Competitive Division 9 Hole Novice, 9 Hole, and 18 Hole. These groups are defined by age and ability. The Junior Golfer will progress through the program in accordance with their abilities. All advancements are determined by the Golf Professionals based on their assessment of each participant according to the parameters set forth in this handbook. Each golfer is monitored, and their progress is tracked throughout the season. Maturity and etiquette are also important considerations prior to advancement.

The WingHaven Junior Golf Program will feature numerous programs offered during the Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons. We look forward to having your junior golfer(s) active from the Junior Golf Kickoff Event in April through the end of September.

Junior Golf Information 2022