Weekly Men's Game

The weekly Menís Game plays on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings when there are no club-sponsored events.  The Menís Game plays at:

-1:30 pm on Thursdays in season.
-12:00 pm on Thursdays during the off season.
-Morning tee times on Saturdays all year weather permitting. 
Guests are allowed to play on Thursdays, and can be allowed on Saturdays if space is available.  A $20 buy-in gets you into the game.  The game payout is split between a team game and a skins game.  In the team game, they pay approximately 30% of the players participating, and the game is a Two-Man Combined Net Best Ball.  Teams are chosen randomly after the round.  To qualify for inclusion in the team game, you must shoot NET 79 or lower, or be within 10 strokes of the low NET for the day.  The skins game is divided into a NET skins game and a GROSS skins game.  They could, and sometimes do, award 2 skins on a hole.  Your $20 entry fee places you into each game.  

The Menís Game has its own separate handicap system.  They use USGA algorithms identical to the GHIN system, however, only those scores recorded in the Menís Game count toward your Menís Game handicap.  The system administrator posts the scores after being equitably stroke controlled as per USGA regulations.  Until sufficient rounds are played to establish an official Menís Game handicap, your handicap is computed each day by providing you with 70% of your normalized score (subtracting 72 from the submitted score for the day).  

Score 80
80ó72 = 8, 70% of 8 = 5.6 (6 handicap for that day)
Score 87
87ó72 = 15, 70% of 8 = 10.5 (11 handicap for that day)

*Please note Ė you are responsible for posting your scores each round into the GHIN handicap system!  

A sign up sheet is posted for the Saturday Menís Games, and this sheet is located in the Men's Locker Room.  You must sign up by Thursday if you wish to be included in the pairings, and pairings will be available Friday morning.  If you canít make it to the club for any reason, call the golf shop and they can sign you up.  

There are no sign up sheets for the Thursday Men's Games, please just show up to play.  

Saturday foursomes, are determined randomly by the golf shop staff on Friday mornings.  We try to provide a forum where you can enjoy the company of as many different participants as possible.